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We all love our pets so much. Giving your dog a treat is an expression of affection. Giving a treat is an important aspect of training for your dog and achieving their best behaviour. Treats made without sugar are the top choice for healthier, happier dogs everywhere. Our range of sugar-free products are available in different flavours. Does your dog like Mini Bones, Pressed Bones or a Pig Ear, these tasty treats will entice any dog. The snacks have no added sugar making them the healthy reward for dogs. Your dog will give you his or her undivided attention with our Axi Trainer dog treats. Designed to make training that much more enticing these bite-sizes treats are low in fat, sugar-free and have a mix of three flavours for a dose of meaty goodness in every irresistible morsel. From our delicious, sugar-free Antos Gold treats that will satisfy the good boy or girl in every canine to the natural and meaty snacks of Gullets. Discover our range of treats that are made from high-quality ingredients without added sugar.
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