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All dogs love a nice rawhide bone. We have raw hide dog chews in different shapes, sizes and exciting flavours that mix traditional rawhide with chicken and duck meat – for twice the fun. Many rawhide bones are completely natural with only rawhide as ingredient. Aside from the meaty flavour, rawhide dog chews are high in protein, low in fat and boast dental benefits for your dog too. Natural rawhide chews help reduce boredom and anxiety, as well as helping to support good dental health between brushings by removing plaque and tartar as your dog chews. The chews provide some relief from boredom, stress and anxiety by giving your canine companion a fun and chewy exercise. These dog chews are perfectly suitable for dogs from all barks of life.


All dogs love the chew, it’s in their nature. It’s a good idea to introduce your furry friend to rawhide dog bones before he finds something else to gnaw on. We all know that nothing better is than a good, real dog bone. That’s where our rawhide bones comes in. Our rawhide is a type of chew made from the skin from a cattle. They are air-dried and then cut and pressed into chewable shapes like bones, knots and rings. Even rawhide in combination with tripe or pizzle is available to make the taste more palatable. Rawhide bones are thé popular choice for dogs and dog owners. Natural, simple and the perfect way to give your dog an exciting chewing experience. Rawhide bones for dogs are the most suitable types of chews. They have a higher nutritional content and will keep your dog’s teeth cleaner as he chews. It’s never too late to start chewing on rawhide – from puppies to seniors, all dogs can appreciate a nice rawhide bone. We have a high number of choices available. Our Pressed Bone 10½” are long-lasting chews that will be a hit at your home.


Rawhide made from the best cattle in the world! Thailand Premium is made from the highest quality of cattle, is 100% natural and free of chemical substances. It’s important to choose the best size of rawhide for your dog, as bones and sticks which are too large may hurt your dog’s teeth. Our Pressed Sticks 5” and Pressed Sticks 10” is made from 100% beef hide for a high quality chew and taste your dog is bound to enjoy. The pressed sticks make a great between-brushings chew by scrubbing away tartar while your dog chews. Chewing on rawhide like roll sticks and pressed sticks is safe, but like with any dog bone you should supervise your canine at all times. Our range of Premium Hide dog chews acts as a pure, natural and completely digestible chew for dogs. They are long lasting treats that provide hours of fun and entertainment for dogs. The tissue is tough and solid and the chewing action on the hide is an effective method of keeping your dog’s teeth free of tartar and dental plaque. Made without harmful chemicals for a chew you can trust. Give your dog’s tail something to wag about - quality rawhide is worth the expense.


Crunchy Munchy Sticks are packed in flavour and available in big and small sizes to suit all dogs from puppies to seniors. The dog chews are made of natural ingredients, low in fat and making them a healthy option with dental benefits. For dogs who prefer more variety in their chew routine, there are also options available of rawhide combined with chicken or duck meat. All dog bones offer an appealing texture that keeps your dog busy and helps prevent destructive chewing. The smaller the bones the more suitable sized they are for smaller canine companions like puppies. Smaller dogs and growing puppies will enjoy our Raw Hide White + Chicken Roll 5”, medium to large-sized dogs can handle bigger chews like Raw Hide White + Duck Roll 8” and the biggest dogs can chew on rawhide bones of almost any size. Just be careful and always supervise your dog while feeding.
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