Does your dog love fish? Ours loved them!

Give your dog the catch of the day with our FishD’light treats. Made from 100% fish skins, these delicious treats prove that plenty of goodness can be packed into just a single ingredient. Serving as a natural source of health benefits, it has a delicious taste that dogs will love.

Fish is naturally low in calories, hypoallergenic and free of grains, glutens and additives. Fish is rich in the good, which can do wonders for the skin, coat and joints of your best friend. Fish is 100% natural and a safe and healthy alternative to meaty snacks or rawhide. Our FishD’light Twists have a rough texture which will help remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. The treats are a perfect reward in both training or pampering your dog and to compliment your dog’s diet. The treats are packed in resealable bags to maintain the fish fresh. Capelin fish is sustainably sourced from the clean and cold waters of the North Atlantic. Fish is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids providing a healthy and nutritious balance for your dog at any age. The Omega-6 fatty acids are required for reproduction, growth, immune function and skin and coat health. Capelin is considered as a high-value product: a small fish of great importance.
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