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The largest and most diverse range of chews and treats for dogs and cats: Welcome to Antos!
Since we were established in 1989, we have specialized in chew products for dogs and treats for cats. We are proud to present our products. Our products are healthy, great tasting and look fantastic.

Loved by dogs and cats

Our products are ideal for dogs and cats of all ages and are made from start to finish with premium ingredients to ensure your pet lives a full and healthy, happy life. Go for tripe sticks large or small, choose mini-bones beef, chicken or lamb. There is so much goodness for your pet to choose from!
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Healthy and great-tasting products

We attach a lot of value to quality and safety. Our products are continuously improved to make them even better. Safer, tastier and healthier, for animals, our surroundings and the world around us. Balanced and consistently deliverable chews and treats.

Antos is your dog snacks and cat treats supplier

We offer a wide variety of snacks for our hairy, cheerful four-legged friends. Not just any dog fooddog snack, puppy snack, cat treat or a kitten treat. But a matching chew for every dog in every taste for every appetite. Delicious cat treats in various flavours and original shapes for every female, male or kitten. For every age, need and breed – from puppies and kittens to senior canines and felines. Antos has been a wholesaler, importer and exporter of chewing products for dogs and treats for cats for over 30 years. It has grown into an international brand that stands for quality and diversity. Trustworthy products and stable brands that prove their value.
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The delicious choice

Celebrate the powerful bond you share with your faithful friend with our balanced and consistently deliverable treats and chews. Antos®, Cerea®, ChickenD'light®, Nogaas® and PrimaDonna® have been staple parts of the supplies of many pet shops, gardening centres, retailers and veterinarian centres. Treat your pet to the finest and check out our products today!


New products are constantly being developed in many variations. Dog bones, snacks, chew sticks and mini-bones to reward the dog and cat treats for the real connoisseurs. An unprecedented range of dog snacks, chews and treats for in between meals. Our variety of biscuits is spectacular. But our vegetarian dog snacks, chicken products, natural snacks, rawhide and semi-moist options are also unprecedented. Healthy and honest products. Dog snacks and cat snacks that are close to your pet. That match what your dog or cat needs with natural nutrients and building blocks.


Every quadruped can enjoy real chewing products. A chew should taste delicious, your four-legged friend must thoroughly enjoy it. As a reward, as a training treat or simply as a responsible snack. Tasty treats that are received with wagging tails. That make dogs and cats happy and are a pleasure to give. From Zaltbommel, the rich and extensive range of chewing products travels all over the world. Antos - wholesaler, importer and exporter – specialist since 1989.
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