Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks For a healthy, happy lifestyle
Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks
Our ChickenD’Light® are meat-rich snacks that support strength and vitality. They are made from real chicken and come in a variety of options and sizes to suit life-stage and breed-size needs. Our fish snacks are all-natural, high-protein and nutritious. Each snack is packed with omegas to promote healthy skin and glossy coat. Choose your favourite and keep your dog busy, happy and healthy!
Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks
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Finest Poultry Bâtonnets 100 gr Finest Poultry Bâtonnets 100 gr 20340
Finest Poultry Brochettes 100 gr Finest Poultry Brochettes 100 gr 20341
Finest Poultry Poulettes 100 gr Finest Poultry Poulettes 100 gr 20342
Finest Poultry Baguettes 100 gr Finest Poultry Baguettes 100 gr 20343


Give dogs a reward that is both nutritious and delicious with Finest Poultry Brochettes. These chewy treats are crafted with a unique blend of five fine ingredients including raw hide, chicken, chicken liver, duck and glycerine. Made without grains, gluten, by-products or additives each beneficial bite is perfect for training, treating or just plain spoiling. Our Finest Poultry Poulettes treats are a great way to promote your pal’s dental health with a natural taste he or she craves. The quality treat is the perfect size for all dogs. One of the five ingredients is chicken liver. What is so great about chicken liver? Chicken liver is a common ingredient in many dog foods and offers benefits. As long as you feed it in small quantities, it can be a healthy part of a balanced diet. It is a good source of protein, fat and vitamin A. The high fat content makes it a particularly good choice for young, growing dogs and underweight dogs. Vitamin A plays an important role in supporting eye health and all dogs need high quantities of protein to remain healthy.
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