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Connoisseur Cat Treats
Treats for any cat and kitten! Find a favourite from a variety of tasty options. From Cat Soft Sticks to delicious Cat Treats with added healthy ingredients, Antos offers high-quality treats cats will love. Antos Cat Treats are an irresistible, colourful mix of meaty treats that are full of enticing aromas, delicious flavours and appealing textures. The chewy structure is sure to hold cats’ interest and make every snack time fun and engaging. The treats are a wonderful complement to dry and canned foods.
Connoisseur Cat Treats
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Popular cat treat flavours are beef, chicken and savory salmon. There are soft cat treats, crunchy cat treats and all natural cat treats. Get those whiskers wiggling with excitement for Cat Treats Flaked Chicken. Of course chicken is the first en most important ingredient in this pack. The treats have a pleasantly-flaked texture that is loaded with flavour. If you feline friend likes the taste of chicken and fish in one treat, give him Cat Treats Anchovies&Chicken. The treats are crafted from real, recognizable ingredients to satisfy your kitty’s cravings. While your cat enjoys the irresistible flavour and aroma, you will love knowing that your feline is getting the vitamins and minerals she needs to support her nose-to-tail well-being. Cat Treats Gizmo are the best treats for cats who need a little extra help with dental care. They are uniquely shaped with a crunchy texture that helps clean your cat’s teeth. The recipe contains also vitamins to support overall cat health too. Our Cat Soft Sticks are made with real meat – and cats will love them! The soft and tender sticks allow easy breaking and chewing. Coming in a pack of six, each stick is individually wrapped for maximum freshness. All-natural cat treats like PrimaDonna are made with limited ingredients – only chicken and fish, which makes them easy to digest and a great snack for our furry friends. These gluten-free treats can be a healthy reward for cats with a specific diet. Our culinary-inspired cat treats are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality ingredients. They are so good, even the pickiest cats will love them! Open a bag and watch your cat run to her dish every time. They are plenty of tastes and textures to make every treat time special.
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