Training Dog Treats Give dogs perfect training treats they'll love
Training Dog Treats
Endless chewing fun with our training dog snacks. Our products are loved by dogs and dog trainers. They have a strong flavour and scent which is great for holding dogs attention. They are fun to give and they are a great way to reward and reinforce good behaviour. Antos Biscuits are an extra special reward for man’s best friend. Dogs can be spoiled on a daily basis with our delicious range of exquisite biscuits. Our biscuits are made with pure and wholesome ingredients that have been carefully selected for quality and nutrition. The Antos semi-moist programme offers a rich diversity of shapes and flavours. There are Mini Bones, Rolls, Jerkey Strips, Nogaas® and Hearts in large and small sizes. In short: Antos has a suitable treat for every dog!
Training Dog Treats
Biscuits in Bucket Discover our products
Party Box 900 gr Party Box 900 gr 20333
Marrow Bones Mix 1 kg Marrow Bones Mix 1 kg 20430
Colourful Mix 1 kg Colourful Mix 1 kg 20431
Carré Lamb&Rice 1 kg Carré Lamb&Rice 1 kg 20432
Jumbo Biscuits 1 kg Jumbo Biscuits 1 kg 20448
Marrow Bones Mix 900 gr Marrow Bones Mix 900 gr 20550
Baby Latta Mix Vanille 900 gr Baby Latta Mix Vanille 900 gr 20551
Micro Bones Vanilla 900 gr Micro Bones Vanilla 900 gr 20552
Biscuit Assorted Vanilla 900 gr Biscuit Assorted Vanilla 900 gr 20553
Biscuits Mix 900 gr Biscuits Mix 900 gr 20555
Farm Mix Vanilla 900 gr Farm Mix Vanilla 900 gr 20558


Dog biscuits are a powerful motivator for dogs, as dogs love to work for a tasty treat. Our dog biscuits are extremely helpful during training sessions thanks to their pleasing texture and taste. Our Micro Bones Vanilla biscuits are small, but full of flavour. These bite-size treats are packed with wholesome ingredients that will keep your dog energized for any daily adventure ahead. These treats are suitable for all dogs, but especially great for puppies. Features vanilla for a delectable sweet and taste. Your pal will love them anytime he or she deserves a sweet reward. Our tasty biscuits are available in 900g and 1 kg buckets. Colourful Mix is a powerhouse biscuit. Get a mix of crunchy, scrumptious oven-baked biscuits for your dog. Features meat, cereals, vegetables and milk. For development, growth and maintaining health, minerals are essential in all phases of life. The Colourful Mix biscuits contains copper and zinc which are essential minerals and have many benefits for your four-legged friend.
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