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Dogs use their teeth all day, every day. Dental and vegetarian dog chews are vital to your dog’s dental overall health. We make it easy and fun to choose the perfect healthy dental chew for your best friend. For a happy hound with a healthier tummy, give your dog daily dental chews. A favourite of health-conscious pet parents, our dental chews will help your dog get that kissable breath back. Managing your dog’s daily dental health is as easy as giving your furry friend delicious dental chews. Our vegetarian dog chews are made with naturally healthy ingredients and taste terrific, so your buddy won’t mind taking care of his oral health. You will notice a healthier mouth and a happier dog in no time.
’’Dental and vegetarian dog chews are vital to your dog’s dental overall health.


Every dog deserves a good treat. If you are a bit concerned about your dog’s dental health, choose an edible vegetarian dog chew for plaque control and stronger gums. Our vegetarian dog chews are designed to improve dental health by limiting plaque and tartar build-up, hence helping to prevent bad breath. Dental D'Light are a vegetarian, starch flour dog delicacy. The vegetarian dog chews are all-natural, low in fat and a meat free alternative to rawhide. Our Cerea® range of natural dog chews are all vegetable based, healthy, tasty and supports dental care and have minimal fat content. They are vegetarian, gluten-free and specially designed to help clean dog’s teeth. They look good and are equally delicious. Through chewing the vegetarian dog chews will help to reduce plaque and tartar build up. To reach more success give your dog one chew each day. Your pooch will look forward to brushing their teeth every day. Keeps it fresh for lots of snuggles and kisses.


Dental and vegetarian dog chews have many benefits for dogs; reducing tartar and plaque buildup, freshening breath and massaging gums. The vegetarian chewing sticks can also help redirect destructive chewing behaviour, provide mental stimulation and are a healthy alternative to meat sticks and rawhide pressed sticks. So start today and make dental care part of your dog’s treat routine with our range of vegetarian chewing sticks for dogs. Dental D’light Sticks are super chewy and delicious, but they are above all good for your dog’s teeth. The dual-coloured sticks are twisted together to create a stick that’s fun to chew. On top of that the vegetarian chewing sticks are low in fat and sugar-free. Our Cerea toothbrushes and eurostars are formulated to aid in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. They are delicious and digestible chews that will keep your dog blissfully content. Our Cerea Eurostar Small 28 pcs contain 28 chews, which is a one-month supply for one dog, or a nice option for multi-dog households. When choosing a dental and vegetarian dog chew for your pooch, it’s important to choose the right size. Puppies and smaller dogs will require our smallest chewing sticks, while medium- and large sized breeds may prefer larger chewing sticks. Your furry friend’s safety is most important, so be sure to choose wisely.
’’Our vegetarian dog chews are designed to improve dental health by limiting plaque and tartar build-up, hence helping to prevent bad breath.


Dogs bring pure joy to our lives. Help your pooch’s smile and look dazzling with our Cerea Eurostar Medium dental dog sticks. These vegetarian and dental dog sticks feature ridges to help brush off plaque and freshen your dog’s breath. If your dog is a powerful chewer, he will require a powerful dental dog stick. Cerea Eurostar Large satisfies your dog’s urge to gnash with delicious veggie flavour. As a result, your dog’s teeth will be healthier and make the breath kissably fresh. Each piece starts with potato flour as main ingredient, making the dental dog sticks also gluten-free and ideal for dogs with allergies.
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