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Chew bones for dogs

Give your dog’s tail something to wag

Dogs like to chew on bones, and dogs can eat bones. Dog bones have dental and nutritional benefits, but it’s always important to choose the right dog snack. The more natural the better and always supervise your dog’s chew time to make sure you have chosen the best option for your dog to enjoy. Long-lasting dog bones occupy dogs of all ages and are created for dogs to suit all breeds and sizes. Whatever size or style your dog needs, let us help you find the right fit for your furry friend. Shop dog bones loved by dogs, and trusted by families.
The ultimate dog snack
Dog bones

What are the options?

Dog bones are a great dog snack and a welcome alternative to your home furniture and shoes. Our dog bones come in a great variety of shapes and flavours like roasted marrow bones, meaty dog bones, vegeterian dog bones, rawhide dog bones and more that come in pork bones and ham bones for your big or small canine. We advise you to switch between the dog bone varieties and flavours to keep your canine’s chewy experience both tempting and interesting.
Lip-smacking filling
Marrow Bones

Marrow Bones

Giving dog’s a long-lasting chew that packs the best of two worlds when it comes to chewing and snacking is possible with filled marrow bones. These dog bones provide the chewing factor dogs crave on the outside and a tasty meaty filling on the inside. Dogs will stay occupied licking up the tasty goodness within and chewing away on the dog bone. Our marrow bones smoked and marrow bones white will help satisfy your dog’s instinct to chew. Two-in-one dog bones made with delicious flavours.
Long lasting challenge
Meaty Dog Bones

Meaty Dog Bones

Our meaty dog bones are full of flavour and are sure to satisfy your dog’s natural palate. The horse bones, lamb bones, pork bones and ham bones for dogs are slow-roasted to preserve a tasty, natural meat flavour. They will ensure a long-lasting challenge for every active chewer. These all-natural dog bones contain no added colourings, flavours or preservatives. Our dog bones are crafted to deliver the lip-smacking chewing experience your dog loves. They are slow roasted in their natural juices to retain optimum nutrient levels and rich the taste your furry friend can’t resist. With a rich of dog-approved options such as calves’ knee joints and big marrow bones, there is always a perfect meaty dog bone for your four-legged friend.
Responsibly sourced
Antler dog bones

Antler dog bones

Does your dog like to chew on something special? And are you excited about the new chewing? Our Gourmore antlers, roots and olive wood are nature’s gift. It sounds strange, but you have to trust us. Every year Scottish highland herds naturally shed their antlers, leaving behind an incredible natural resource that just happend to be a healthy chew for dogs. These healthy dog bones are great as special rewards, full of minerals and calcium and come from a sustainable, natural resource. Each dog loves a good dog bone. Our antlers are carefully crafted into the perfect eco-friendly dog bone. Antler dog bones have a harder texture and they come in different sizes to provide the right fit for your dog’s size and chewing behaviour. Chewing on antlers helps reduce plaque and tartar build up too. For powerful chewers antler dog bones are a great gift from nature herself. Our olive wood is simply graded, drie, sanded and then lightly infused with virgin olive oil to give your dog a delicious, safe and satisfying dog bone. Just a simple but rewarding dose of chewing satisfaction.
Chews that last
Rawhide dog bones

Rawhide dog bones

A variety of dog bones, fun shapes and sizes will help to make any snack or chew moment special. From puppies to senior dogs all dogs can appreciate a nice rawhide dog bone. Rawhide bones for dogs are long-lasting chews that will really get your dog’s tail wagging. We carry tons of options in different shapes and sizes and even tasty flavour combinations. We have come a long way in the choices available. The champion of rawhide dog bones are our pressed sticks. Besides that you will find popular and stable dog bones in our range alongside donuts, rings, chips and different kinds of sticks. Rawhide with real wrapped around meat and fish are popular dog chews that are made for twice the fun. Aside from the flavour and shape, all rawhide dog bones boast dental benefits for dogs. All-natural rawhide dog bones will help maintain clean and strong teeth and help satisfy your dog’s instinctual chewing needs. Rawhide dog bones have and always will be a top favourite of every canine.
Helps clean teeth
Dental Dog Bones

Dental Dog Bones

Our Cerea® chews are all-natural, vegetarian and highly digestible chews that help freshen your dog’s breath and makes your dog’s teeth sparkle. The dental dog bones are made with a blend of natural ingredients that help promote healthy teeth and gums. The unique shape and ideal texture of our dental dog bones supplement your regular brushing routine to leave your dog’s breath fresh and sweet for all the sniffs, doggy smooches and adventures ahead. With the breath-freshening power of our Cerea® chews, dogs will be so excited to chew on our dental dog bones. For a lifetime of oral health care!
Safe for a teething puppy
Puppy Dog Treats

Puppy Dog Bones

Reward your puppy with a healthy, delicious anytime snack with our puppy dog bones. Our tiny toothbrushes are made with the irresistible flavour your puppy loves and is specially designed for growing puppies. Our puppy bones biscuits make spending time with your puppy even more enjoyable. From chewtime to training time. These bite-sized dog bones are easy to digest, have a strong flavour and are a perfect reward for your tiny pal.
Unmatched chewing
Small chewings

Choose the right dog bone

Our dog bones come in different sizes to fit dogs of every breed and size. We have dog bones made for bigger bites or small chewings covered. Choose between big marrow bones for moderate chewers or small knotted bones for puppies. So what kind of chewer is your beloved friend? Treat dogs just a little at a time. No matter what dog snack or dog bone you decide to go with, always make sure that you choose the right size for your smaller dog of bigger canine. Supervise your dog at all times, and don’t leave your dog to chew a bone alone. Dog bones are perfect for enthusiastic chewers and loved by canines the world over!

Just delicious, nutritious, beneficial goodness!

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