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Dog Food

Make mealtime mouthwatering

You are an animal lover, this is the place to be for you. You know what your dog loves to eat. Dogs feel better, are healthier and live longer when given proper nutrition and quality dog food. Like people, dogs are individuals - every dog is different. Finding the right dog food is an informed decision between you and your vet. As long as your veterinarian selects a product your dog enjoys eating, you are on the right track. Dog treats are extras and the way to go. Most dogs can benefit from having snacks and treats available to them.
Your dog is a true and loyal partner
Dogs bring so much joy

Serve up the smiles

Dogs bring so much joy and comfort to our lives that it's difficult to imagine where we would be without them. It’s up to you to make sure that your canine is happy and healthy, gets plenty of love, attention, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. A healthy, balanced diet helps our furry friends live their best life. Your dog's food can have a huge impact on how they feel, how they look and even how they behave. A high quality diet can help manage your dog's weight, maintain a strong immune system and can help to keep joints and muscles healthy.
Go for more omegas
Fish D'light Beams

Good nutrition start with good ingredients

The essential amino acids from chicken or salmon have been linked to longer lifespans, and help dogs perk for full life. Our WILD Salmon and Fish D’light Beams are locked in flavour and freshness. As an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids they support a shiny coat and healthy skin. We made salmon the #1 ingredient to give mealtime an irresistible protein boost. Every bite of these salmon dog food rewards is packed with the healthy protein you dog craves, with the essential amino acids they need for lean muscle and energy. Your doggie friend will be itching for more of the tasty salmon flavour.
Typical potty output
Dog Poo

Finding the right food is easy

When it comes to your dog’s health, sometimes the proof is in the poop. Choosing the right dog food, natural dog food or grain-free dog food will help your dog feel great and your hound will be stopped passing gas around the house… The best, natural and healthy dog food will vary from canine to canine and will differ depending on factors like life stage (puppy, adult or senior), breed and individual nutritional and health needs. Protein-rich, tender morsels make every bite of a recipe delicious and nutritious. Feeding your dog with the proper nutrition means more time with your fluffy friend!
One animal protein, one vegetable
Super Bones Rabbit & Spinach

Meaty, mmmmm, rabbit, yummy

Carefully formulated to deliver the nutrients dogs need. Super Bones Rabbit & Spinach is the ideal take-along snack. Rabbit is a great alternative for dogs who are experiencing allergy related symptoms from other proteins like beef or poultry; this protein can help support digestive health, vibrant skin and overall well-being. Meat in food and snacks for dogs contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and iron - the building blocks for a healthy, vital life. Meat is also a great source of taurine and amino acids which help keep the eyes and organs healthy. Get your dog eager and excited at mealtime. Your dog will enjoy a feast of meat.
Strong smell and taste

Natural healthy choice for dogs

Feed your dog a single protein dog food with tripe. These tasty snacks are ideal for dogs with food allergies and digestive issues. They provide plenty of essentiel vitamins, minerals and have a great flavour that your pooch will love. The soft texture is even great for puppies and senior dogs that need an easy-chew dog food. Tripe is the stomach of a cattle or any other ruminating (grazing animal), including pigs, sheep, lamb and goats. Our Beef Tripe is especially popular. While tripe is also a popular delicacy for humans, it is a highly nutritious dog food ingredient with numerous nutritional properties for dogs; being abundant in calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, and omegas 3 and 6.
Happy dances for dog food
Dog Food

Fuel for a life of fun

At Antos we understand the important role dog food, dog bones and dog snacks plays. Our dry dog kibble Canice can be left out for your dog to snack on throughout the day without spoiling. This natural dog food is made of limited ingredients and available in four variaties and ingredients your canine loves. Also, the crunchy kibble helps your dog get rid of plaque and tartar. A great dog food choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Whether it’s a dry natural kibble your dog desires or a dog food which is soft and tender, you can discover our wide range of premium food and tasty treats for man’s best friend here.

Balanced dog nutrition starts in the food bowl

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