Natural Dog Snacks Back to nature
Natural Dog Snacks
Give dogs the delicious flavour he loves with our natural dog snacks that are dried and smoked to help enhance the chewing experience. Help your dog satisfy his natural urge to chew with these honest and delicious meat snacks. A wide range of hypoallergenic natural dog snacks with an irresistible aroma for all dog breeds. A natural and complete basis for an active and vital life.
Natural Dog Snacks
Ears Discover our products
Sheep / Lamb Ears 5 kg Sheep / Lamb Ears 5 kg 10027
Pig Ears Pig Ears 10035
Rabbit Ears 5 kg Rabbit Ears 5 kg 10047
Beef Ears XL with conch Beef Ears XL with conch 10071
Beef Ears Smoked Beef Ears Smoked 10078
Beef Ears Beef Ears 10084
Rabbit Ears 100 gr Rabbit Ears 100 gr 10094
Goat Ears 5 kg Goat Ears 5 kg 10097
Goat Ears 200 gr Goat Ears 200 gr 20097
Beef Ears 3 pcs Beef Ears 3 pcs 20127
Beef Ears Large 4 pcs Beef Ears Large 4 pcs 20132
Pig Ears 3 pcs Pig Ears 3 pcs 20147
Pig Ear Strips 500 gr Pig Ear Strips 500 gr 20359
Pig Ear Strips 250 gr Pig Ear Strips 250 gr 20422
Beef Ears Smoked 10 pcs Beef Ears Smoked 10 pcs 20480
Beef Ears XL with conch 10 pcs Beef Ears XL with conch 10 pcs 20481
Pig Ears 10 pcs Pig Ears 10 pcs 20491
Pig Ears 5 pcs Pig Ears 5 pcs 20493
Pig Ears 7 pcs Pig Ears 7 pcs 20494
Beef Ears 10 pcs Beef Ears 10 pcs 20495
Cow Ears 200 gr Cow Ears 200 gr 20498
Lamb Ears 100 gr Lamb Ears 100 gr 20520


Ears are tasty snacks which are great for teeth and gum health. Truly rewarding with a delicious, all-natural flavour that every dog is sure to love. All ears, especially the larger Cow Ears can help keep your dog occupied and entertained. Pig Ears are great snacks for your dog with zero colours or preservatives. Natural Pig Ears are 100% digestible, high in protein and low in fast. They are slow roasted and dried to make it a heartier snack. The Lamb Ears are light and durable dog chews that will give your furry friend hours of chew time. Made from pure lamb, the snacks are especially great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These all-natural, 100% digestible dog snacks are a healthy option for dogs of all ages and sizes.
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