Dental D'light

Stars of the Sea

Reward your dog with a fun snack that delivers essential health benefits when you give him Dental D'light treats. These delicious, tasty treats have a unique shape that helps scrape away plaque and tartar while chewing for cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Dogs need a careful balance of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and healthy teeth. The DentalD'light Bones and Sticks are completely vegetarian with wheat starch as first ingredient. The bones with approximately 24 vegan dental care chews are ideal as a quick and enriching treat. They are great for their teeth and healthy too. Our DentalD'light Sea Stars and Dental D'light Turtles are a tasty and natural snack for your canine friend. Made from corn starch as first ingredient the products are a healthy option which are gluten-free. These chicken and bacon flavoured snacks will give your dog a well-deserved treat whilst helping to reduce plaque, keep gums healthy and freshening their breath. Great as a snack or used as an aid to training.
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