Natural Dog Snacks Back to nature
Natural Dog Snacks
Give dogs the delicious flavour he loves with our natural dog snacks that are dried and smoked to help enhance the chewing experience. Help your dog satisfy his natural urge to chew with these honest and delicious meat snacks. A wide range of hypoallergenic natural dog snacks with an irresistible aroma for all dog breeds. A natural and complete basis for an active and vital life.
Natural Dog Snacks
Gullets Discover our products
Flat Gullets 200 gr Flat Gullets 200 gr 10019
Flat Gullets 5 kg Flat Gullets 5 kg 10022
Paddywack Beef 5 kg Paddywack Beef 5 kg 10024
Flat Gullets 5 kg Flat Gullets 5 kg 10036
Beef Trachea 5 kg Beef Trachea 5 kg 10039
Meat Mix 1 kg Meat Mix 1 kg 10043
Gullets Cheese 15 cm Gullets Cheese 15 cm 10205
Gullets Beef 15 cm Gullets Beef 15 cm 10206
Gullets Chicken 15 cm Gullets Chicken 15 cm 10207
Flat Gullets 100 gr Flat Gullets 100 gr 20107
Meat Strips Game 200 gr Meat Strips Game 200 gr 20118
Meat Strips Horse 200 gr Meat Strips Horse 200 gr 20119
Doggy-Pasta 60 gr Doggy-Pasta 60 gr 20122


Dogs will love the beef taste. High-protein dog snacks made from high quality beef. These all-natural snacks are great for active chewers. Beef Gullets are tasty, healthy snacks and clean you dog’s teeth as he gnaws. The snacks help support the dog’s dental health while chewing. These beef snacks are safe and satisfying snacks that are easy digestible. Give you dogs a chew that is perfectly made with Beef Trachea. It is made with only one ingredient – beef, high in protein and low in fat. Great for everyday chewing and helps support dental hygiene while chewing. Available in large pieces for the aggressive chewers and small pieces for training, rewarding and keeping pups entertained. Perfectly sized for most dog breeds. Our Doggy Pasta – Pig Intestine is made from carefully selected pig casings. This all-natural, hypoallergenic snack is great for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially ideal for puppies and elderly dogs. The crispy pieces are perfect anytime snacks which a delicious taste and no additives. The small pieces could be easily added to mix in dry dog food.
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