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Dog Snacks

Everyday treats spark pure joy

Dog snacks are a good way to train, reward, motivate and bond with your dog. Therefore a wide range is available in various flavours, shapes and sizes. At Antos you can find the perfect dog snack for every canine life stage. You want nothing but best for your dog; select and buy treats from a well-established and trusted brand. You want to find something your doggie friend will love, but you also want to keep him healthy. From selection boxes to natural meat snacks to sustainable insect treats. There are more options than ever before.
Rich in the good
Fish Dog Snacks

Chicken and Fish Dog Snacks

Dogs love chicken! Antos ChickenD’Light®, made of 100% chicken, is a responsible and above all tasty reward for dogs. Chicken breast is a tasty, low-fat treat for your dog. These snacks are 100% natural, made with the best ingredients and high quality protein. They are ideal as a snack, or as a reward. There are many variations available in various forms and sizes with a number of extra ingredients like cheese, rice, calcium and beef skin. This way you can add variation to the snack routine of your dog. Aside from the familiar ChickenD’light® range, we have developed a number of chicken variations that have a softer structure, named Antos Gold. These are just as tasty and healthy. The chicken snacks are gluten-free, sugar-free and without additives. Dogs also love fish! Fish contains high quality, easily digestible protein. Fish has a pleasant taste and smell, that dogs love. Our 100% organic fish snacks are perfect as a healthy reward for dogs. They also contain a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These snacks are perfect as a reward during training, to treat your dog or as an addition to your dog’s nutrition.


Let the brushing begin!
Vegetarian Dog Chews

Dental Care and Vegetarian Dog Chews

Dental care is important for our pets. Giving functional dog snacks is important and good for your dog’s teeth. Dental problems are among the most common medical afflictions with adult dogs. Giving a healthy chew can contribute to the general mouth hygiene. Effective daily dental care stimulates healthy teeth and fresh breath. Healthy teeth are very important, because without them your dog won’t be able to get all the essentials from his or her food. Our Cerea® chews were specifically designed to contribute to clean and healthy teeth. These are dog snacks with a unique texture, which stimulates proper stimulation of the gums and helps to combat bad breath and the formation of tartar. Cerea® is vegetarian and gluten-free, which makes it a healthy alternative for every dog. These dog snacks are healthy, tasty and low-fat. The delicious, vegetarian chews are available in many shapes and sizes, so there is a fitting chew for every dog. Aside from the Cerea® snacks, the Dental D’light dog snacks also make a healthy treat, made with starch.


Ears are a large treat
Natural Dog Snacks

Natural Dog Snacks

Give your dog the tastes he loves, with our 100% natural snacks. For an ideal chewing experience, these snacks have been dried and lightly smoked. Help your dog satisfy his natural chewing needs with these honest, tasteful meat snacks. Dogs love the strong smell and taste of natural dog snacks. Within our range we have many natural dog snacks, like tripe, pig ears and bull pizzles. All snacks are dried, 100% natural and made without additives. The snacks are also grain-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. These natural snacks are available in various packaging variations and sizes, so that there is a fitting product for every dog. For example, dogs that are allergic can eat snacks with duck, lamb or horse. Chewing natural snacks, such as natural bones, will satisfy the chewing instinct of your dog. All dog bones are deliciously irresistible and will help keep your dog busy. The complete range of “natural dog snacks” are pure dog snacks that make nutritious treats for dogs of all ages and sizes. The dog snacks offer a natural and complete base for an active and vital life.
Tasty goodness of sausages

Dog Snack Specialties

Dog snacks are good for dogs, and dogs love snacks. A snack should be tasty, healthy and responsible. You want what’s best for your loyal friend. Giving chewing products will create a bond between pet and human. A chewing product can be given as a reward, during training, but also against boredom. They also make very good snacks. Aside from attention in the form of an extra hug, dogs love to get a tasty treat. We have a wide range of snacks, chews and chewing products for dogs, so there is an ideal snack for every dog. Giving high quality and healthy snacks will stimulate positive chewing behaviour. Our dog snacks are a tasty, healthy and responsible addition to your dog’s nutrition. Add variation to the daily snack routine of your dog with our tasty sausages or famous chicken sticks, for example.
Spread a little joy…
Training Treats

Training Treats and Reward Candies

Endless chewing fun with our training snacks for dogs. Dog trainers and dogs love them. With their strong flavour and smell, our trainer-snacks are the ideal way to keep your dog’s attention. They are fun to give and very suitable to reward and stimulate good behaviour. It’s always a good idea to bring small dog candies, for on the road and during training. These training candies are easy to give and they are a quick reward whenever one is needed. A reward candy is usually a dog cookie or soft candy. Our tasty and high quality dog biscuits make extra special rewards for your loyal friend. Our semi-moist range of dog treats consists of a large variety of shapes and flavours. These soft reward candies are available in various variations, like Mini Bones, Rolls and Jerkey Strips. Within our range, we have also developed training treats especially for puppies. Our Micro Trainers are small and have a strong flavour and a delicious smell. We offer a wide range of healthy and responsible training treats to reward your dog with. There is a fitting treat for every dog.
Chewing is normal, natural and necessary
Raw Hide Dog Chews

Raw Hide Dog Chews

Dogs love chewing on things, and our beef skin was made for real chewers. The popular chew made of beef skin is a natural chewing product, which combats the formation of dental plaque and tartar and contributes to clean, healthy teeth and fresh breath. Chewing on beef skin dog snacks can also be a natural stimulator and relieve stress. All beef skin chewing products last a long time and guarantee hours of playing and entertainment for your dog. Chewing on chews is normal, natural and necessary. Within our range of beef skin snacks there are many shapes and sizes, from knotted chews, pressed chews, sticks and shoes to balls. We also offer beef skin chews with bull tendons or rumen filling, for extra variation in your dog’s chewing routine. Our famous Munchy sticks are made of natural ingredients and have a taste that your dog will really enjoy. The sticks can be given all at once, but it’s also easy to break them into little pieces. The ideal snack to really treat your dog.


Your dog is your best friend in the world
Celebrate your canine companion!

Healthy Dog Snacks

Not all dogs are the same, so wheather your dog is on a diet and you are helping him to lose weight, or you just want to keep him in good condition our healthy dog snacks can help your dog maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Go for chews and treats that are not high in fat, salt or sugar and produced with no artificial preservatives or flavours, so nothing comes between your dog and good nutrition. Our natural Rabbit Ears and simple chicken breast from ChickenD’light® with no added additives are a great healthy snack. These snacks are gentle on the stomach and contain all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy life. Choose from recipes targeted to specific special needs and you know that your dog will be getting everything he needs to be his best. Our WILD dog treats features high-quality, natural animal protein from sources like, beef, lamb, rabbit and turkey that provide excellent nutrition and flavour for your furry friend. Real healthy dog snacks like Fish D’light Skin combine the premium nutrition and strong taste your dog deserves. Even though these snacks are healthy always remember to give them in moderation. We all love our dogs, but dog food and dog snacks isn’t the only way to keep your pet healthy and happy. Give your lovely pooch lots of attention and exercise to help your dog stay active and sociable.

We have something delicious for every furry friend

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