Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks For a healthy, happy lifestyle
Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks
Dogs adore chicken! Antos ChickenD’Light®, made from 100% chicken is a responsible and especially tasty reward for dogs. ChickenD'Light® is 100% natural, made from the best ingredients and contains a rich source of proteins and is low fat. ChickenD'Light® is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes containing the additional ingredients cheese, rice, calcium and rawhide.
Dogs love fish! Fish is a high quality easily digestible protein. Fish has strong tastes and aromas that dogs adore. Our 100% natural fish snacks are perfect as a healthy reward for dogs. They are also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids support healthy skin and coat condition and promote supple joints.
Chicken & Fish Dog Snacks
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Chicken&Fish Strips 100 gr Chicken&Fish Strips 100 gr 10236
Chicken&Fish Curls 100 gr Chicken&Fish Curls 100 gr 10237
Chicken&Fish Twists 100 gr Chicken&Fish Twists 100 gr 10238
Chicken&Fish Strips 1 kg Chicken&Fish Strips 1 kg 10737
Chicken&Fish Twists 1 kg Chicken&Fish Twists 1 kg 10738


Provide your furry friend with a low-calorie snack that is not only nutritious but delicious too with Chicken&Fish. Of course, chicken and fish are the first and foremost ingredients. The treats have a pleasantly-flaky texture that is loaded with flavour for the pickiest of eaters. Delicious, grain-free and gluten-free treats that are all-natural, low in fat and high in protein. All Chicken&Fish treats are easy to break into small pieces for a great training session. Prepared with separate strips of chicken and fish, Antos Chicken&Fish Strips are perfect for use as a training aid or as a snack between meals and will help reduce plaque and keep your dog’s gums healthy. Our Chicken&Fish Twists are twisted for your dog’s delight. Perfectly snackable while being gentle on teeth and gums. You can give your dog them as whole for a protein-rich snack or break them up for smaller puppies, anywhere and anytime. They are easy to chew and sure to keep your pal coming back for more.
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