Natural Dog Snacks Back to nature
Natural Dog Snacks
Give dogs the delicious flavour he loves with our natural dog snacks that are dried and smoked to help enhance the chewing experience. Help your dog satisfy his natural urge to chew with these honest and delicious meat snacks. A wide range of hypoallergenic natural dog snacks with an irresistible aroma for all dog breeds. A natural and complete basis for an active and vital life.
Natural Dog Snacks
Tripe Discover our products
Beef Tripe 1 kg Beef Tripe 1 kg 10004
Beef Tripe 500 gr Beef Tripe 500 gr 10006
Beef Tripe 250 gr Beef Tripe 250 gr 10007
Beef Tripe 100 gr Beef Tripe 100 gr 10012
Beef Tripe 5 kg Beef Tripe 5 kg 10014
Beef Tripe 100 gr Beef Tripe 100 gr 10018
Tripe Powder 10 kg Tripe Powder 10 kg 10029
Beef Tripe 500 gr Beef Tripe 500 gr 10037
Beef Tripe 1 kg Beef Tripe 1 kg 10038
Tripe Burger Tripe Burger 10050
Tripe Powder 350 gr Tripe Powder 350 gr 10159
Sheep Tripe 100 gr Sheep Tripe 100 gr 20518


Tripe can do a lot of good for your dog’s health. Dogs love the strong smell and taste of tripe sticks and tripe contains calories which are full of nutrients which will support your dog’s system functioning. These healthy snacks make a great supplement to any weight loss diet for dogs. The tripe sticks are easy to break in smaller pieces and can be fed to dogs of all ages and sizes. An extremely palatable treat for picky eaters. Beef Tripe and Sheep Tripe are both healthy as delicious. Our Tripe Powder is the nutrient rich powder. The high protein powder is ideal for older dogs for an improved lifestyle and dogs that need a little nutrition boost to their current meals. Besides that the powder is easy to use and offers various health benefits for your dog’s life. Promote a beautiful skin and coat condition and improves the eating habits.
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