Natural Dog Snacks Back to nature
Natural Dog Snacks
Give dogs the delicious flavour he loves with our natural dog snacks that are dried and smoked to help enhance the chewing experience. Help your dog satisfy his natural urge to chew with these honest and delicious meat snacks. A wide range of hypoallergenic natural dog snacks with an irresistible aroma for all dog breeds. A natural and complete basis for an active and vital life.
Natural Dog Snacks
Natural Bones Discover our products
Horse Bone 4" (10-12 cm) Horse Bone 4" (10-12 cm) 10026
Horse Bone 6" (14-16 cm) Horse Bone 6" (14-16 cm) 10033
Lamb Bone Lamb Bone 10041
Calves' Knee Joints Calves' Knee Joints 10045
Beef Knuckle Beef Knuckle 10048
Big Marrow Bone Big Marrow Bone 10049
Marrow Bone Large Marrow Bone Large 10054
Pork Bone Pork Bone 10055
Marrow Bone Half Marrow Bone Half 10056
Palermo Bone - Ham Bone Palermo Bone - Ham Bone 10072
Serrano Bone - Ham Bone Serrano Bone - Ham Bone 10095
Buffalo Horns 5 kg Buffalo Horns 5 kg 10491
Beef Knuckle Beef Knuckle 20051
Calves' Knee Joints Calves' Knee Joints 20052
Marrow Bone Half Marrow Bone Half 20053
Big Marrow Bone Big Marrow Bone 20054
Pork Bone Pork Bone 20055
Marrow Bone Large Marrow Bone Large 20056
Big Marrow Bone Horse Big Marrow Bone Horse 20059
Horse Knuckle Horse Knuckle 20066
Marrow Bone Smoked Meaty Marrow Bone Smoked Meaty 20165
Marrow Bone White Tripe Marrow Bone White Tripe 20166
Marrow Bone White Meaty Marrow Bone White Meaty 20167
Marrow Bone White Lamb&Rice Marrow Bone White Lamb&Rice 20168
Calcium Bone Calcium Bone 20169
Smoked Bone Smoked Bone 20171


Chewing can help strengthen jaw muscle and can help clean dog teeth and gums as they chew. Satisfy your dog’s instinct to chew with our Natural Bones. All bones are tasty and irresistible that will help reduce boredom and stress. The Calcium Bone is hard and rich in calcium with no artificial colours or flavours. These beef bones are the perfect chew to keep your dog happy and busy. Marrow Bones White Meaty combine white, cut femur bones and wholesome meaty mixture filling. The treats results in the teeth cleaning advantages of the hard bone with the delicious taste of real meat. The white exterior helps clean teeth as dog chews. Dogs love Marrow Bones. These high density bones are filled with natural marrow to ensure a long lasting challenge for your active chewer. Hand trimmed with natural marrow inside for a rich, meaty flavor that dogs love. For every dog a suitable treat with Big Marrow Bone, Meaty Marrow Bone Large and Half.
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