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Are you looking for a supplier who can offer superior quality products, delivers promptly and offers a service that saves you valuable time? Antos meets your demands and requirements. Our proven track record makes us a nationally and internationally trusted supplier to specialist pet stores, garden centres, wholesalers and veterinary centres.
Made with love
Shop design has a significant impact on the purchasing behaviour of consumers. Antos product scaffolds transform shopping spaces into harmonious environments that stimulate consumers to buy. Product scaffolds and shelves are unique sales instruments. They support your company in two ways: they present your assortment and sell your products. An Antos product scaffold combines marketing and sales, and is a defining feature for a tasteful shop layout. We have developed customised shelve plans for large and small companies. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer your shop, contact us.
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Become a customer of Antos? Meet our online portal Max. Sign up for optimal support. Max is always up-to-date and offers 24/7 dealer support. Be the first one to read the latest news and order directly online. Experience the convenience and benefits of online ordering. Fast and familiar.
Every dog loves a good rawhide bone
View our catalogue with 222 pages of dog snacks and cat treats. Do you want to receive the complete catalogue, please contact us by using the form.
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