Dog Snack Specialties Nutritious and wholesome snacks for your dog's enjoyment
Dog Snack Specialties
Does dogs love tasty snacks? Why not give them an Antos snack? Sometime simple can be the most satisfying, give them superb snacks that will promote positive chewing behaviour. The Antos dog snacks are a responsible addition to the daily food. From the tasty meat sticks and the delicious Chicken sticks and Tripe sticks. For every dog a perfect favourite!
Dog Snack Specialties
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WILD Beef 80 gr WILD Beef 80 gr 20074
WILD Cod 80 gr WILD Cod 80 gr 20075
WILD Lamb 80 gr WILD Lamb 80 gr 20076
WILD Rabbit 80 gr WILD Rabbit 80 gr 20077
WILD Salmon 80 gr WILD Salmon 80 gr 20078
WILD Tuna 80 gr WILD Tuna 80 gr 20079
WILD Turkey 80 gr WILD Turkey 80 gr 20080


Dogs crave a protein-rich snack, the way nature intended. Give your dog what he or she craves with WILD all-natural, grain-free treats. Every recipe features meat, poultry or fish as the number one ingredient. Our WILD Rabbit is a delicious protein-rich recipe with venison as the #1 ingredient. The high-quality proteins provide essential nutrients to help support healthy organs and lean muscle mass. Plus it is free of gluten, grains and additives. Help support healthy hips and joints. Your dog will jump for joy for the delicious taste that helps him or her stay active and happy! Our WILD Salmon is the perfect treat for sharing a quick moment and to share a smile. Irresistibly delicious and with the taste of fish our WILD Salmon will make your furry friend leap from their favourite lake and come running. The treats will keep your dog energized for any adventure.
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