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Training treats for Puppies
Bringing a new puppy home is one of the greatest feelings out there. You are giving a loving home to your puppy that is sure to bring fond and positive memories. So are you looking for chews and treats that are specially formulated for puppies under one year? Your pup will be eating nothing but best. You can feel good about training and rewarding your pup with our range of dog treats which are perfectly sized that can be given daily. Treats are a must-have training aid, serving as a reward and treats are a helpful supplement to your puppies diet. An all-time favourite for puppies is our Micro Trainer Mix. These small and soft treats are perfect for training and rewarding. These treats are made with premium ingredients that are delicious, nutritious and puppy-approved.

Biscuits for Puppies
What counts as tasty treats for puppies? Some may like the meaty taste of our Canice treats while others enjoy the crunch of biscuits. Our Canice treats are the ideal size for training your puppy. These natural treats are protein-rich for growing puppies and your puppy will be able to quickly eat each treat. If your puppy is a fan of cookies, they will love our Puppy Bones. They are optimally-sized for repeat rewards. Perfect for training and treating your furry friend. You can feel good about giving your puppy our mini dog biscuits of Micro Bones Vanilla. They are oven-baked and full of tasty ingredients. Your new best friend will like the vanilla aroma for sure!

Meaty treats for Puppies
Our FishD’light Bites can be a great choice for puppies with sensitive tummies. These soft treats are packed full of salmon fish to support healthy and shiny coats. Like several of the treats, these are not strictly made for puppies. Like several ChickenD’light treats – the soft and tender meat is gentle on puppy teeth. The treats are naturally grain-free and sugar-free making them a healthy supplement to your pup’s diet.
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