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While dogs are carnivorous by nature it is important to balance your dog’s appetite for meat. Our collection of vegetarian dog chews is perfect for those looking for healthy and vegetarian dog chews. Giving vegetarian treats to dogs provide different health benefits. Among the wide selection we carry one option is our Cerea range. Key benefits: vegetarian, gluten-free and a completely digestible treat for dogs. These nice chews feature shapes like toothbrushes, frogs and hedgehogs. They are made with natural ingredients that offers a healthy alternative to all breeds of dogs. Our Farm treats are totally edible and made from all-natural ingredients using a vegetarian recipe. Potato starch is used a first ingredient and specially designed for dogs with gluten intolerance or food sensitivities. Our range of vegetarian Biscuits keep veggie-loving dog tails waggin’ with loads of cereals, minerals and fruit. The treats are baked to perfection with an aroma and taste dogs will love. Dogs are definitely able to eat and enjoy their veggies. Vegetarian dog chews not only taste delicious to dogs but are also good for their health and the environment.
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