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Dogs are natural carnivores and a high-meat diet provides ideal amounts of protein. Our protein-rich Chicken treats are tasty, healthy and feature real chicken as first ingredient for a high-protein meaty texture. Made with wholesome ingredients the high-protein treats contain no artificial preservatives or colourings. Grab a Crunchy Munchy snack that packs the power of protein to keep your dog active and entertained. Our munchy sticks are made with rawhide as the first ingredient and for 60% protein in every bite. All that protein helps support lean and active muscles and the chews are popular for the crunchy texture, which helps satisfy your dog urge to chew. Give your pooch a super-treat with Natural Bones. These bones are slowly roasted and naturally smoked with pieces of meat to naturally enhance their already meaty flavour. The high-protein bones are safe, healthy, full of flavour and a great alternative to rawhide chews.
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