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We are proud to highlight our wide collection of dog treats that are made completely grain-free. Grain-free dog treats are a great way to add variety to your dog’s diet. Many dog treats contain cereals, which can be difficult for a sensitive digestive system to process. We have a selection of grain-free treats for dogs that are a great way to ensure that even the most sensitive dogs can enjoy a delicious snack. Rawhide treats in different shapes and sizes, a large range of 100% meat snacks and snacks which are made from Chicken, Duck or Fish. Plenty of chewing pleasure for your beloved pet. Browse the range to find the perfect grain-free treat that will support your dog’s overall wellbeing. Our Canice treats feature quality animal protein as the first ingredient and the grain-free treats can be enjoyed by active or everyday pets. These natural treats are easily digestible and made without corn, wheat or soy. The treats are made with 100% meat, making them an irresistible treat your pet will grave. A simple but premium reward for your four-legged friend.
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