Our World

We are at home around the world…
The world is our home. We are at home where there is trust, where there are people and animals. We love to discover new horizons. We love opportunities, challenges and changes.
… and we like being in the Netherlands.
Our roots are in the Netherlands. We love orange, the colour of our national sport team. We love the broad rivers and big cities. We love the sea and we love the beach.
We love dogs…
Which you can taste in our chews. We are enthusiastic and passionate, like our dogs. That’s why our assortment is this broad and we have a fitting chew for every dog. In every flavour and any mood – because we’re unstoppable.
… and cats.
We are known for our delicious cat treats, new flavours and original products. Innovation is in our genes. Curiosity is our second nature. Much like our hairy friends.
We love natural…
We love healthy and honest products, directly from nature. Chews and treats that are close to your pet. That seamlessly connect with what your dog or cat needs. With natural nutrients.
… and beauty.
We like things to look neat and prefer to make them beautiful. Because beautiful, tastefully packaged products are more appealing. Anything presented with care and dedication is good.
We love quality…
We produce our products across the globe, using the best raw materials and ingredients. We ensure that their careful preparation adheres to all laws and regulations. This is what makes Antos chews and treats the best and the tastiest.
… and healthy…
Healthy and tasty go hand in hand. We love fit and vital dogs and cats that are full of life. Vitamins and minerals assist in this. That’s why many of our chews and treats are rich with healthy nutrients.
… and delicious.
A chew has to be delicious. It should be a real treat for your furry friend. As a reward, training treat, or simply as a tasty snack. Delicious treats that are received with a tail wag. That make dogs and cats happy, and are a joy to give.
We love a wide assortment…
We love diversity and variety. There’s good reason we have the widest assortment. Our range of biscuits is spectacular. But we also offer our customers unparalleled choice in vegetarian chews, chicken products, natural snacks and semi-moist treats.
… and the very special.
Although we have a wide assortment, we also have an eye for those very special items. We love special chews. From deer antlers and chewing roots as dog snacks to the vegetarian, uniquely-shaped Cerea® treats and South American rawhide that has been produced with care and dedication.
We love innovation...
We love innovation and change. We observe new trends and create our own. We discover and develop. We are continuously looking for ways to supplement and improve our products. There is good reason Antos has such a rich and complete assortment.
… and stability.
Trustworthy products and stable brands that prove their value. Balanced and consistently deliverable treats and chews. Bellow®, Cerea®, ChickenD’light®, Nogaas® and PrimaDonna® have been staple parts of the supplies of many pet shops.
Dogs, cats and their owners…
… love Antos. And the feeling is mutual. We never forget our customer base. We continue to develop ourselves and are always looking to improve. To ensure enthusiasts will be able to continue enjoying our products in the future. Because you do your utmost for friends!
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