• Suggestions?
    We give you the best possible service and therefore we appreciate it if you have any suggestions that can improve this service. But of course also your ideas about our products or other comments you want to share with us about your ANTOS experience are more than welcome. Send us an email to info@antos.nl.
  • Complaints?
    We do everything to ensure that the ANTOS products are liked by its customers. If you should still have a complaint about our products or services, of course we like to know that as soon as possible so that we can respond appropriately. If you have a complaint please contact us: 
    Send an e-mail to info@antos.nl Or rather contact by telephone? Call us +31 (0)418 541 005.
  • How to place an order?
    Orders can be placed by telephone: +31 (0) 418 541 005, by choosing fax +31 (0) 418 511780 or by e-mail info@antos.nl. You can also use the website, which we prefer.
  • Do I need to register?
    For the website login you should use your account. The B2B website is only reserved for ANTOS customers, namely retailers, professionals and wholesalers.
  • How do I find an article?
    You quickly find articles by using the search box. You could use keywords as item number, description, ingredient, et cetera. Besides you could also browse our products through our category index.
  • A favorite product is no longer on the website and / or removed from the range. What should I do?
    We continuously innovate and improve our product range, which results sometimes in detriment of other products. If you have questions about a product, please contact us via e-mail info@antos.nl or by phone +31 (0) 418 541005. We will verify if the product is still available.
  • A favourite product is (no longer) available in stores / nearby. What should I do?
    Please send an email to info@antos.nl with your favourite product (please mention productcode) and write down you name and address details, or call us at +31 (0) 418 541005. We will be pleased to assist you.
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