Mountain Country Foods

The best of the country side

Make snack time more enjoyable with our range of Mountain Country Foods. Made with the delicious beef, chicken or lamb flavour dogs love. The tasty meaty rolls are soft enough for any dog to eat, from puppies to seniors that might have tender gums. The rolls are pliable and can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller pups. Dogs will love the high content of meat.
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Great-tasting and nutritious snacks for dogs, made from real quality meat. These snacks are a great semi-moist training treats with a very strong flavour. Better Lamb&Rice Rolls are incredibly appetizing and delicious – your dog will taste the difference. The soft sticks allow easy breaking. Reward your dog for his/her best doggie behaviour with these “Better” meaty rolls. The products are available in bulk cartons or pre-packed in resealable tubes to ensure freshness every time.
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