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Dental & Vegetable Dog Chews
Dental & Vegetable Dog Chews

Keep all 42 teeth pearly white

From Dental D’Light to Cerea® Chews, what makes the difference for dog's teeth, gums or breath? Dental D'Light is a vegetarian, starch flour dog delicacy. The treats are 100% natural and low fat. Dental D'Light promotes healthy gums and teeth, fresh breath and overall dental hygiene. Our Cerea® range of 100% natural dog chews are all vegetable based. Made from compounded vegetable fibre with natural colourings, the Cerea® Chews offers a healthy alternative to all breeds of dog. Cerea® is healthy, tasty and supports dental care and have minimal fat content. They are specially designed to help clean dog’s teeth. They look good and are equally delicious.
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