Nogaas® is a top product from the Antos semi-moist product range. These soft treats are perfect for training and rewarding dogs. They contain vegetables, minerals and a rich source of vitamins. Nogaas are available in 500-gram packs and come in two flavours: chicken and beef. The Antos semi-moist programme offers a rich diversity of shapes and flavours. Besides Nogaas® there are also Mini Bones, Rolls, Jerkey Strips and Hearts in large and small sizes.

  • Loved by dogs and dog trainers
  • High acceptance
  • For rewarding and training
  • Tasty and healthy
  • Strong flavor
  • Artisanally prepared
  • A rich source of vegetables, minerals and vitamins
Nogaas is a registered trademark of Antos B.V.


Discover here all Nogaas products

Nogaas Beef 1500 gr
Nogaas Beef 500 gr
Nogaas Chicken 1500 gr
Nogaas Chicken 500 gr
Nogaas Lamb 1500 gr
Nogaas Lamb 500 gr
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