Because dog snacks are a tasty and sensible supplement to regular dog food. Dog snacks can be given as a reward, to encourage positive chewing behavior or simply because your four-legged friend is so adorable. But dog snacks are just as tasty and healthy.
To be honest... ... a dog snack is no dog food
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Chew products forge a link between pets and owners. A chew product can be given as a reward, a training aid or to minimize boredom. It is also particularly suited as a treat in between meals. Besides the attention of a extra hug, dogs are desperate for a tasty snack.
Additional benefit... ... snacks and chews are good for dogs
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The ideal chew product for dogs combines the best natural ingredients and contains balanced nutrients. Special chews of completely natural animal origin are also widely available in the Antos range. As a result of their correct composition, Antos products have a high acceptance value and appeal to every dog.
Pampering is alright... ... because every dog should be chewing
All dogs chew. In addition good oral care is important to dog's overall health. The best way to keep dog's teeth clean is to brush regularly. A good chew stimulates chewing, promotes dental care and cleans gums.
Pampering is alright... ... because chewing is important
To feed only dry dog food is not sufficient. Bones and chewing sticks contribute to clean, healthy teeh and fresh breath. Besides there are various chews in our assortment with ingredients that contribute to dental care. Training treats are also ideal to reward dogs for good behavior.
Pampering is alright... ... because snacks are a healthy custom
Go for tripe sticks large or small? Choose vegetable biscuits or with lamb? Or you go for mini-bones salmon, chicken or beef? There is so much goodness for your dog to choose from
De perfect reward... ... is a large variety of Antos products
Many dogs suffer from the same problem as their owners: obesity. Antos therefore pays particular attention to health when developing its products. The result is a wide range of responsible alternatives.
De perfect reward... ... is a healthy treat
Antos products comply with all food safety requirements, as specified by EU standards and local legislation. We operate an advanced tracking and tracing system. Our product packaging contains clear information for consumers, including nutritional values and calories.
De perfect reward... ... is safe and responsible
The big plus are the good natural things that are in our products, such: vitamins & minerals, biotin for a beautiful and shiny coat, yeast for good digestion and calcium & phosphorus for the development of strong bones and healthy teeth.
Antos Snacks & Chews ... ... rich in the good
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Its really delicious... ... and healthy too
Inspiration for your dog
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