Because cat snacks are a tasty and sensible supplement to regular cat food. Cat snacks can be given as a reward, in addition to a special diet or just as a treat for your beloved cat. But cat snacks are just as tasty and healthy. Miauw!
To be honest... ... a cat snack is no cat food
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Cat Treats forge a link between cats and cat lovers. The treats can be given as a reward, a training aid or to minimize boredom. Cats love to play with treats, which suits to their hunting instinct. It is also particularly suited as a treat in between meals. For example when your cat has been “using” the litter box or simply because he/she is so sweet.
Additional benefit... ... treats are good for cats
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The ideal cat snack combines the best ingredients and contains balanced nutrients. As a result of their correct composition, Antos products have a high acceptance value and appeal to every cat. Cats have lots of fun with playing, eating and smelling Antos Cat Treats.
Pampering is alright... ... because every cat should be chewing
Therefore we developed products which are very tasty and good for our furry friends too. Cats are especially prone to hairball formation since they groom themselves by licking their fur, and thereby ingest it. This gives rise to vomiting. Ambre rich in malt ensures that the ingested hair is disposed of without any problems in a natural way, before the hair balls form.
Pampering is alright... ... because chewing is important
Cat Treats Minos is specially designed for cats who really love fish. These treats are a welcome addition to cat food and contain a combination of essential vitamins and fish. These soft salmon treats are designed with care, have a high acceptance and are rich in copper. They are irresistible and healthy too.
Pampering is alright... ... because treats are a healthy custom
Go for cat sticks large or small? Choose PrimaDonna chicken and fish based? Or you go for salmon treats like Minos, Rosie or Simba? There is so much goodness for your cat to choose from.
The perfect reward... ... is a large variety of Antos products
Our cat treats are rich in good nutrients so that they contribute to your cat his/her health. Each product with its enticing aromas, appealing textures and delicious flavors entices and excites the senses of your cat. Our products include everything your favorite naturally needs!
The perfect reward... ... is a healthy treat
Antos products comply with all food safety requirements, as specified by EU standards and local legislation. We operate an advanced tracking and tracing system. Our product packaging contains clear information for consumers, including nutritional values and calories.
The perfect reward... ... is safe and responsible
The big plus are the good natural things that are in our products, such: the indispensable amino acid taurine to support the vision and heart function for the development of strong teeth and bones. In addition, vitamins and minerals for growth, joy of life and vitality. Also, fresh and clean drinking water is a necessity of life.
Antos Cats Treats are... in the good
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Its really delicious... ... and healthy too
Inspiration for your cat
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